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In SeaquestFF we are experienced in organizing excursions to other islands and, on the other hand,in organizing surf trips during various days to be able to surf on the different spots the Canary Islands offer.


  • Description: private charter to get to know La Gomera, the nearest island to Tenerife. Possibility to do the excursion in one day, departing from Puerto Colon to San Sebastian de la Gomera, the capital of the island and getting to know the city or take a tour in a taxi around the island.
  • If you select the 2 day trip, we could look out for bays and other areas, which are accesible from the sea, like the famous and incredible “Organos de la Gomera” (remarkable cliffs known for their geomorphology).
  • (the price would include the food on board one of the days). There would be an overnight stay on board, sheets and blankets included in the cabins.
  • Duration: depending on the option: 1 day appr.10 hours 2 days: departure from Puerto Colon at 8:00 a.m. and coming back the following day at 8:00 p.m.
  • Capacity: charter one day 8-10 people/charter 2 days 6 people to be able to sleep aboard.
  • Included: apart from what is mentioned in the description, there is included the service of a skipper during the whole excursion, fuel, drinks (beer, wine, water, softdrinks) and food. Toll for the harbour of San Sebastian in case of 2 days charter.
  • Price: to consult
  • Other options: to consult
  • Description: private charter to get to know the remaining islands,the tour can vary depending on which island you want to visit.Any combination between the islands needs more tan one day.
  • Duration: depends on the designed route of the journey (ask for options)
  • Capacity: 6-8 people (to be able to spend the night in the cabins with comfort and pleasure).
  • Includes: including the service of a skipper for the whole excursion,fuel,drinks aboard (beer, wine, water, softdrinks) and food, harbour toll, where we stay over night.
  • Difficulty: will vary depending on the plan,some islands will be more difficult to navigate than others.
  • Price: to consult
  • Other options: to consult


  • Is there anything more exciting than take your board and travel on a boat with your friends, discovering new waves and live unforgettable experiences? For sure there isn´t. SeaquestFF wants to give you the opportunity to fulfill this dream, with organisation, security and knowledge of the area we are going to navigate and surf on.
  • Why take a surf trip on SeaquestFF: We got a luxury captain, Felix Palmero, a member of the national spanish SUP team on various occasions and an enthusiastic surfer since childhood, with a long track of sports achievements at his back, on national and international trails.

    Every time SeaquestFF has organized surf trips around the islands,they have been thinking about every detail. Felix knows very well all the spots, beeing a qualified skipper to fulfill your dream:
    – Proven experience on sailing and handling boats
    – Rigorous knowledge of routes to take trips to the different islands (Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Graciosa)
    – Knowledge of the best spots and local surfer
    – Formal qualification as a surf trainer, level 1

  • SeaquestFF is a reputable company and knows how to organize successful surf trips.
    Additionally to a skipper that combines navigation and surfing, our boat offers many amenities to make a trip comfortable, with every service aboard. It will convert in a home in the sea, taking you to the best spots,where you find the best waves to surf on.
    (*)(see boat and general characteristics in menu)
  • How do we organize a surf trip?
    Points we consider for organizing a surf trip:
    –      Duration and route: how much time have we got and on which islandswe want to surf
    –      boat capability for overnight stays (6-8 people)
    –      surf level of the team member
    –      Meteorological conditions and tides
    –      Eating aboard
    –      transfer to the different spots from each harbour base
  • Budget preparation for the surf trip via email or phone.

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